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Those in our Facebook family know I work hard to inspire and connect personally with everyone who shares the passion to live an authentic life. Our community constantly amazes and inspires me too. Join the family!

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Law of Attraction, Meet the Law of Action! Begin with Yes is all about setting things in motion. Taking small steps every day to get unstuck and open new doors. Check out all the books in the Begin with Yes series!

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An amazing compilation of inspirational songs and guided meditations. Check out Living With a Dream, get a free download, and hear songs that will inspire you to act. You can also sample my guided meditation, Begin Within.

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“The loving grassroots sharing of “Begin with Yes” has been beautiful to watch. Over and over it lands in the right hands at the right time, and every day more people are discovering the joy, hope and inspiration in this small but powerful book.”

~ Tshidi Manye, Rafiki in Broadway’s “The Lion King”

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What started out as my personal dream to become an author has evolved into an amazing Facebook community of almost 1,000,000 people. The heartfelt sharing of personal trials and triumphs inspires me on a daily basis.

Join our supportive community and share your dreams, hopes and challenges and let our members inspire you. I’ll be right there offering my support too!

From the Blog:

Sharing is Caring

My submission isn’t so much a question as a sharing. I’m a very positive person who see’s the good in all, but lately I have been really struggling and becoming frustrated with the actions I see in the world.

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Look what happens when those small steps add up!

In the early day of “Begin with yes” I met a young man, Boris Vagner who is part of a band called “We The Ones.” I fell in love with what they we’re doing, their music and their message of love, and encouraged a few of you to join me in supporting their fund raising campaign. Fast forward to this week when…

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How do you let go of love simply because the timing wasn’t right?

In life, we always say that timing is everything. How do you let go of love simply because the timing wasn’t right?

If there are no accidents and people are put into our lives for a reason, I can’t stop wondering… why would the universe allow us to fall so deeply in love if bad timing would end in excruciating heartache for us both? The obstacles became too much and pulling back seemed the only option.

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Toby’s Bath

This video is for those of you asked for an update on our new puppy, Toby. I gave him a bath after he came back from playing in the snow and mud at the dog park, and apparently my drying job left a little bit to be desired!

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At Heart I Am a Gentle Person But I Have Become Angry

I don’t want to have be so angry, but here on my own I feel my needs are not considered. For various other reasons I am just wanting to just “disappear”, just find a quiet life somewhere with as little to do with human beings and this frantic life as possible. At heart I am a gentle person but I have become angry, and feel I always have to fight. It’s taking its toll on me.

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