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What You Get

Begin with Yes

The Classic Original Bestseller in the Series!

500+ Reader Reviews

Law of Attraction, Meet the Law of Action. The Law of Attraction tells us that whatever we focus our attention on, consciously or not, we attract into our lives. Think happy thoughts, enjoy happy experiences. And vice-versa. The best selling, “Begin with Yes” introduces the Law of Action, a principle that reverses the order – and is equally powerful: What we do affects how we think, and the kinds of experiences we have. When we take small, manageable steps, we feel more positive and our lives flow more smoothly. “Begin with Yes” is all about setting things in motion and opening new doors. Getting unstuck. In this short, engaging conversation, counselor, mentor, and motivational speaker Paul Boynton maps out a surprisingly easy, logical, and liberating alternate route to a better life. In short, not only does “Begin with Yes” make change seem possible, it provides concrete examples that show the way. *

Joan Lunden – Former host “Good Morning America” writes, “With warmth and encouragement, Paul Boynton places you front and center. Read this little gem, get excited, and get going!”


Begin with Yes

Paul Boynton’s best-selling book Begin with Yes has touched readers around the world since its release in 2009. Now the author returns with a 21 Day Companion Workbook which is designed to gently guide you into inspired action and create a life as big and beautiful as your dreams.

Filled with simple daily exercises and practical application ideas, you will find yourself motivated to take the next step, then another, and keep on going.

Use this Workbook along with Begin with Yes: A short conversation that will change your life forever or after you have completed the primary book. Paul Boynton’s gentle approach will help you acknowledge old hindrances, resolve fears and inadequacies, and break out of inertia into the kind of action which will change your life forever.

This Workbook is for anyone who wants more joy, satisfaction and true success in their life. Direct, warm and engaging, you will feel like you spent twenty-one days with a wise friend whose mission is to help you see your life through new eyes and take action toward everything you truly desire.


Begin with Yes

Brand New Release!

After being asked thousands of times, “How do you make this work in real life? How do you make YOUR dreams come true?” Paul Boynton decided to share his own process in the form of this Action Planner!

Use this Planner while you are reading the first two books and following along with the recorded Course. Before long you will be checking things off your list, marking progress toward your goals, and achieving things you have previously only dreamed of!


Begin with Yes

Three Weeks – Three Classes $79 FREE with this Action Package

A 21 Day Guided Journey the Begin with Yes! Way

Week 1 – Start Where You Are

The first seven days include gentle, honest exercises to help you identify your hopes, dreams and fears–and the blocks which have held you back in life so far.

Week 2 – Where Do You Want To Go

This class and the daily work will help you get crystal clear on what you really want and how to develop a plan from your deepest desires–one the Universe will help you achieve.

Week 3 – Moving Forward

The final week focuses on practical steps you can take and exactly how to tap into the abundant resources you need to make your dreams a reality. This is unlike any “law of attraction” or goal setting class you have taken before. Paul Boynton’s Begin with Yes! principles are practical and proven to work in your real life, starting right now.

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