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Begin with YES

A short conversation that will change your life forever

by Paul S. Boynton

The Law of Attraction tells us that whatever we focus our attention on, consciously or not, we attract into our lives. Think happy thoughts, enjoy happy experiences. And vice versa.

Begin with Yes introduces the Law of Action, a principle that reverses the order — and is equally powerful: The actions we take influence our outlook. What we do affects how we think, and the kinds of experiences we have. When we take positive steps, small, manageable steps, guess what? We feel more positive and our lives flow more smoothly.
What’s more, the principles driving Begin with Yes can work for anyone in any situation, and the solutions may be easier than you think.

But why this book?

With all the choices out there, why this book? Read the excerpt. Get to know Paul. His refreshing blend of purity and pragmatism, along with years of coaching experience, set the tone for the book’s question and answer format, a dialogue that places you front and center. In short, not only does Begin with Yes make change seem possible, it provides concrete examples that show the way.

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