I’ll be honest: life is hard. But that’s not to say that it isn’t also beautiful. You have to work for your success and happiness, and sometimes all you need in life is a little perspective.

This New York City doctor and professional white water kayaker decided to give back to her community and founded the Inner City Kayaking Camp for youth in NYC. This camp has been active for well over a decade and provides youth with a unique opportunity that they may otherwise not have access to. These children learn how to kayak, and not just in a calm lake – they kayak in rapids and learn that although the waters may be rough and you may get bumped around and even turned upside down, there’s always a way to get yourself upright again.

Sometimes the campers assist one another when they tip over in their kayaks, while other times they are on their own to flip themselves back over. Whether with the help of others or by going solo, the overall message that these youth can take away from this camp is that no matter how much they prepare and put in effort, there will be times that they fall down in life, but they are more than capable of picking themselves up and continuing on.



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