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Begin with Yes – A short conversation that will change your life forever.



Now available: The new Begin with Yes Action Package!

Includes all three books PLUS the Begin Within Guided Meditation CD! 

Begin with Yes Books

Law of Attraction, Meet the Law of Action! Begin with Yes is all about setting things in motion. Taking small steps every day to get unstuck and open new doors. Check out all the books in the Begin with Yes series!

Music & Meditation

An amazing compilation of inspirational songs and guided meditations. Check out Living With a Dream, get a free download, and hear songs that will inspire you to act. You can also sample my guided meditation, Begin Within.

Gentle Reminders

To maintain our focus on achieving our goals we need daily gentle reminders. That’s what my Facebook page offers. Incorporating reminders into every-day life helps too, and toward that end I created a line of Begin with Yes products.

Begin with Yes Mentoring


Ever since “Begin with Yes” became an Amazon best seller, I’ve offered very limited, intensive, focused, life-changing conversations with folks close enough to meet with me locally. As my Facebook base grew to two million like-minded people from all over the world, I’ve often been asked if I could offer these same mentoring conversations thru SKYPE. Today, I’m happy to answer, YES!  Learn more…

“Paul Boynton is a kind-natured, talented coach who serves as a compassionate stepping stone for any difficulty in life. His coaching has brought me confidence in myself and the tools I need to navigate and overcome challenging times.

I would suggest anyone needing life advice to go to Paul, as he truly is a compass that leads the way to a better place.”

~ Maya Hall – Begin with Yes Facebook Family Member

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“The loving grassroots sharing of “Begin with Yes” has been beautiful to watch. Over and over it lands in the right hands at the right time, and every day more people are discovering the joy, hope and inspiration in this small but powerful book.”

~ Tshidi Manye, Rafiki in Broadway’s “The Lion King”

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What started out as my personal dream to become an author has evolved into an amazing Facebook community of over 1,000,000 people. The heartfelt sharing of personal trials and triumphs inspires me on a daily basis.

Join our supportive community and share your dreams, hopes and challenges and let our members inspire you. I’ll be right there offering my support too!

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The Things That Dads Can’t Do

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