My newest book, Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope, is now available!

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My new book, Be Amazing, is now available!

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The new hardcover Begin with Yes – 10th Anniversary Edition is now available on Amazon!

Begin with Yes – A short conversation that will change your life forever.



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Law of Attraction, Meet the Law of Action! Begin with Yes is all about setting things in motion. Taking small steps every day to get unstuck and open new doors. Check out all the books in the Begin with Yes series!


I enjoy coaching because I love helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Being a part of the process as they accomplish the small steps forward is both rewarding and humbling. Learn more about coaching here.

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An amazing compilation of inspirational songs and guided meditations. Check out Living With a Dream, get a free download, and hear songs that will inspire you to act. You can also sample my guided meditation, Begin Within.

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Thanks, Jane Seymour, for writing this beautiful Foreword to Begin with Yes – The 10th Anniversary: 

I recently discovered this amazing little book through a friend who shared Begin with Yes with me. Reading it, I knew almost instantly why this small book has become such a phenomenon! Begin with Yes is so much more than just an inspirational book, and it’s very much in line with my fundamental life’s philosophy of opening your heart and mind and embracing change.

This small gem of a book is now celebrating its 10th anniversary and I can truly see why millions of people all over the planet have responded to its invitation to hope again, to believe in one’s dreams again, and most importantly, to believe in oneself again.

Happy anniversary Begin with Yes. I’m so glad we met!


Jane Seymour

“The loving grassroots sharing of “Begin with Yes” has been beautiful to watch. Over and over it lands in the right hands at the right time, and every day more people are discovering the joy, hope and inspiration in this small but powerful book. And Paul’s new book “Be Amazing” brings us all to new heights. Sending all my love to each of you – Let’s all keep growing, sharing and becoming.”

~ Tshidi Manye, Rafiki in Broadway’s “The Lion King”

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