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“A Colored Man in Exeter”

His hair was shaggy, brown, but mostly gray. The long coat he wore had been nice, once. But not anymore. It had surrendered to its owner’s reality; unkempt, tired, and raggedy on the edges. He showed up at the back door of “Harold’s Place-Downtown” late one fall morning.

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The Secret World Of Autism

This mom’s heartfelt words provide a window into the world of autism. Her raw honesty reflects the challenges faced by parents navigating the good and bad days of life with autism. I hope it inspires you to have a bit more compassion next time you see a family in your community who’s facing challenges you may not understand.

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Things a Dog Lover Should Never Forget

My dog Toby brought so much love into our home. He also brought lots of compassion, patience, learning, and many other things that we tend to take for granted. This video reminded me of the wonderful daily interactions Toby and I have together, and how he has taught me so much about being the best person I can be.

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The Unknown Can Be Scary… or Exhilarating!

Our experience of things is largely based on our attitude. If our attitude is that experiencing something new would be a scary thing, then we’re likely to develop fear, which will hold us back from ever trying it. If our attitude is that it would be exhilarating, then we’re likely to develop excitement, which will…

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You’re Stronger Than You Think!

Once I realized that I was stronger than I thought, I was in a position to talk with myself differently. I knew that I could get through dark days and that my capacity to not only get through, but also to move forward, was an ability I could harness to make some of my big dreams begin to unfold.

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The Things That Dads Can’t Do

Beyond the cute message of this video is the message that dads sacrifice a lot for their children. So even if they never seem to be able to beat you in a race or find you during a game of hide-and-seek, remember that they sacrifice so much for your best interests.

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Life Lessons From Rocky

Many of us have at least seen the original Rocky movie and been inspired by the rising underdog story. Rocky, no matter how many times he was beaten down, always got back up because he believed he still had more steps to take.

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This Girl Is Amazing – You Can Be Amazing Too!

We all have talents, but they develop at different stages in life for each of us. Some people discover their talent very early, like this 4 year old girl, Brielle. She’s amazing – not only for her incredible knowledge at such a young age – but also for her natural ability in conveying that knowledge in an engaging way. She’s a natural in front of the camera!

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A Tribute To Unsung Heroes

This song embodies what an unsung hero is all about. There are lots of them out there. We see them as mothers and fathers, teachers, and many people in our communities who make the world a better place. Share this with one you know!

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Pursue Your Passion

Don’t be afraid to do things that are of interest to you and that make you happy. Take a page out of this little boy’s book and dance (or whatever it is your are passionate about) like no one’s watching!

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Mental Illness Battled with PeaceLove

PeaceLove is an art organization whose approach is to “help people create peace of mind through a symbol of hope and expressive arts. Using creative expression can inspire, heal, and communicate emotions that are often difficult to convey in words.” How cool, and true, is that?!

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A Positive Attitude Is Everything!

A lot of the everyday nuances we deal with are just a part of life. When we stop taking these things so personally and just continue on with our day, an amazing thing happens. We become happier and more grateful for the good things that life brings us every single day.

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Find Your Grit – We All Have It In Us

Listen to this 11-year-old boy describe what “grit” is. Teachers make children learn in many ways. One of them is to make them consider their own thoughts about important topics such as, “What qualities does it take to succeed in life?” When you find your grit, each step get a bit easier.

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A Wonderful Act Of Kindness By The NYC Ballet

This story will make you cry tears of joy! – Natalia Armoza’s daughter, Pearl, has Cerebral Palsy. One day, while wishing that her daughter could take part in activities like most other children, she decided to write a letter to the New York City Ballet. Her letter said, “It would mean so much to my daughter, and children like her, to be able to take part in a New York City Ballet workshop, and for one day, feel like they too could become ballerinas.”

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We Get By With A Little Help From Our (New) Friends

Joey Resto noticed a man shivering, only in a pair of pants and shoes, while taking the NYC subway home one night this winter. Joey felt compelled to help, so he gave the man his shirt off his back, and had to even help him put it on. Then he went back and gave him his winter hat to help keep him warm. The man was surprised and appreciative, and Joey expected nothing in return.

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It’s Never Too Late To Start Again

The main thing stopping us from starting over is believing we can, so believe you have a clean state and you will. But a clean slate is only good if you use it. When people ask me where to begin, I say the easiest step is a good place to start. Here’s your clean slate and chalk, so start re-writing your story!

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The Gift Wrap And The Jewel

Aging is not something that all of us are afforded, and it is important to remember that we must cherish ourselves and our lives. No matter how many wrinkles, sags and seemingly unpleasant things may happen to our bodies, it is what is on the inside that counts. Be kind!

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Why God Made A Dog

Every dog lover must watch this! If you don’t have a dog, you’ll want one after watching this. If you have a dog, you’ll go hug it. They exude love and the desire to feel connected, and isn’t that really what we as people are all about too?

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