To maintain our focus on achieving our goals we need daily gentle reminders. That’s what my Facebook page offers. Incorporating other reminders into every-day life helps too. Toward that end, I created a line of Begin with Yes products.

These Begin with Yes coffee mugs, t-shirts and canvas bags will help remind you to take those small positive actions that will lead to big changes! All of these products are on CafePress, and you can visit the store by clicking on any of the images below. I hope you find them helpful! 



Visit Begin with Yes on CafePress

Begin with Yes main CafePress store

Main CafePress Store

CafePress offers Begin with Yes branded items on a wide variety of products.

Begin with Yes Women's CafePress Store

CafePress Womens's Store

A selection of women’s t-shirts in short and long sleeves in a variety of colors.

CafePress Men's Store

CafePress Men's Store

A selection of men’s t-shirts in short and long sleeves in a variety of colors.


CafePress Accessories

Accessories include a variety of kitchen mugs, travel mugs and canvas bags.

Living With a Dream


Positive messages are so important in inspiring steps toward achieving our dreams. This amazing inspirational music compilation will help you keep taking steps forward. Listen to the songs here

There’s also a wonderful guided meditation that you can sample here. And you can choose from a selection of FREE Begin with Yes ringtones too! 

Choose the way you want to be reminded and you’ll find yourself taking more positive actions toward your dreams.