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Ever since “Begin with Yes” became an Amazon best seller, I’ve offered very limited, intensive, focused, life-changing consultations with folks close enough to meet with me locally. As my new book “Be Amazing” was launched and our Facebook page grew to exceed two million friends, I’m often asked if I could expand access and offer these same mentoring consultations thru video and telephone conversations. Today, I’m happy to answer, YES!

If you want to meet with me but can’t get to my office, we can now schedule a video or telephone consultation at a mutually convenient time. Our goal will be to share an intuitive, respectful, and engaging conversation and determine next steps while we increase your confidence to turn your dreams into realities. I want to hear your story, the challenges you face and answer any questions you have that keep you from reaching your fullest potential.

During our conversation we’ll focus on what a meaningful life means for you and we’ll explore your goals and ambitions, as well as what makes you smile and gets your heart beating a little faster. We’ll also discuss the specific roadblocks that seem to slow you down or stand in your way. And we’ll end our conversation with you feeling energized, inspired and hopeful about the next steps along your path.

Unlike traditional coaching, I don’t require a long-term contact and you can choose from the following consultation opportunities. 

Paul returned my message almost immediately. He extended his number and his time to me — a total stranger — and we talked about some of the most difficult things two strangers could share. In the end, we became friends. I’m forever grateful to Paul for sharing his story, talking with me, and for his Begin with Yes page.  All three literally transformed my life for the better. I make his page a favorite so I can read the messages as soon as they’re posted. So many times his words of wisdom, quotes and stories have gotten me though the day.


Consultation Opportunities

All consultations can be done via SKYPE, FaceTime, by telephone, or in person if you’re local or willing to travel. 

Free Trial Consultation: $0.00

This package includes a 30 minute consultation to review your current life goals and personal situation, focused on determining what your realistic personal action plan might include. I have limited availability for the Free Trial. If you select this option I’ll get back to you with my availability, which may be several months from the date requested. 

The Initial Mentoring Consultation: $297

This package includes a detailed pre-consultation review of your current goals and situation, followed by a 90 minute live consultation with Paul directly as you begin creating a very specific, personal action plan for you. This includes the 21 Day Begin with Yes Workbook.  

Follow-up consultation: $147

These additional 45 minute consultations can be schedule at a mutually convenient time and are available for clients wanting to schedule additional conversations following the Initial Mentoring Consultation. 

The Initial Mentoring Consultation with Email Follow-up: $357

This package includes the 90 minute Initial Mentoring Consultation as described above and includes 30 days of email follow-up.  

I typically have a short waiting list and my schedule only allows for a limited number of appointments.

If you’re ready to begin, simply select the desired Consultation Package below and once your order is complete I’ll get back to you to you within 48 hours with proposed scheduling details.

Make “Begin with Yes – A Short Conversation That Will Change Your Life Forever” a reality for you. I promise you it’ll be worth it. Thanks for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

From our first meeting to now, 10 years later, I’ve felt encouraged by Paul’s support, gentle nudges and honest, kick-in-the-butt discussions and mentorship. As a coach, he listens and provides a safe environment to explore any roadblocks that I may be experiencing. His clear questions cause me to pause, evaluate the challenge, put it into perspective, and move forward to create positive change in my life. To be completely honest, I’m not sure where I’d be in life without the support and encouragement of this man. Paul’s teachings and philosophies have been a huge motivating force in my life. A bit of him travels within my soul each day as I make decisions and take action upon new goals. Thank you Paul for sharing your inspiring soul with us all. The world is a better place because of you!


Choose Your Personal Mentoring Session

“For me, a mentor also has to be kind and happy. Paul is both. He exudes a gentle wisdom that encourages a person to take the next step easily. I am grateful to have him in my corner.” Lynda – Ottawa, Canada


Available Consulting Packages:

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