A few words about my coaching practice…

I enjoy coaching because I love helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Being a part of the process as they accomplish the small steps forward is both rewarding and humbling.  

I also recognize that there are times when people need some encouragement, support and guidance, and I’m here for those who need that, too. I’ve been there, and I know the difference it can make when you have someone to talk to who gets it. It’s been my privilege to work with people who are looking for some focus and direction and are eager to live more authentic and passionate lives, and I appreciate working with those who trust me to help them get past a difficult time. Getting past those difficult times is often the first step toward moving forward to achieve your goals and dreams. 

I believe in – and I’m personally guided by – healthy optimism, grounded in reality. I help my clients chart new paths that bring more control, joy, and passion into their lives… no matter where or when they begin. 

I was trained as a social worker and counselor, and often my coaching process revolves around the 21-Day Begin with Yes Workbook. Clients can choose to work with me following the workbook curriculum, or choose a less structured, but equally powerful, coaching experience that is specifically designed to meet them where they are and move them in the direction they’d like to move. 

Often, I’ll work with clients to focus on getting unstuck or motivated to navigate through challenges and changes. We’ll typically work together to uncover your personal and career goals, while rediscovering your passions to increase the joy and sense of accomplishment in your life. My coaching style typically uses weekly or biweekly sessions, which are tailored to individual and specific needs in practical, life-enriching ways. 

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