“Music was my refuge.”

~ Maya Angelou

Music is my refuge too, and inspirational music provides a wonderful escape! Positive messages are so important in inspiring steps toward achieving our dreams, so I created an inspirational music compilation and guided meditation to help us all keep marching forward. 


The Begin with Yes Living With a Dream Music Compilation

Listen. Be inspired. Then make it happen!

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s writing a book, saving the world, finding true love, or finding the courage to live an authentic life, we’re all Living With A Dream. These amazing songs will inspire you to follow the law of action and begin live your dream, whatever it may be.

Living With A Dream is a compilation of great inspirational songs that I have personally selected to help you feel inspired every day. Each one was selected for a specific reason and fits with the Begin with Yes approach to life. So please… Listen. Be inspired. Then make it happen!

Cover art: La Jolla Sunset, painting by RD Riccoboni® ,one of America’s favorite artists. For prints and originals visit his studio located at Beacon Artworks Gallery, inside Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, San Diego California http://beaconartworks.com

What You're Looking For (Open Doors)

by Michael Brandmeier | Living With a Dream

Living With a Dream

by Matt Commerce | Living With a Dream

I Believe In You

by Musicians Making a Difference | Living With a Dream

Out With A Bang

by Anthony Salari | Living With a Dream

More To Me

by Tara Bianco | Living With a Dream

Stumble And Rise

by Claire Ulanoff/Will Hopkins | Living With a Dream

I Dream The Dream

by Janet Steely/Bruce Trent | Living With a Dream

This Is Our Time

by Debra Gussin/Dale Effren | Living With a Dream

This Is Just My Day Job

by Troy Johnson | Living With a Dream

What You're Looking For (Acoustic Version)

by Michael Brandmeier | Living With a Dream

Be sure to check out the talented artists who contributed songs to Living With a Dream!