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I’m offering a free copy of my book, Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope, to help people who need a little support and encouragement. We all need a little help sometimes, and this is my way of offering it. Yes, things always get better in time, and that time happens a bit faster with some positive words. I hope this little gift makes a positive difference for you. 
Stay safe, healthy and kind.
All good vibes,
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Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope

Downloading to your computer

Simply download the pdf file and open it to read it. 

Downloading to your iPhone or iPad

After you download the pdf file to your device it will give you the option to add it to iBooks. 

Here's how to add a PDF file to your Kindle or Kindle app:

Every Kindle or Kindle App is assigned a “send to Kindle” email address. You can find it in the account settings of your Kindle, Kindle app or in your Amazon account. It consists of an automatically assigned ID, for example: [assigned-ID]@kindle.com.

1. Find your “send to Kindle” email address
2. Send the PDF file to that email address
3. If you type “convert” in the subject line of the email the file will be converted to a more friendly format based on the size of your Kindle device

After you email the file your Kindle or Kindle App will sync it to your device. The conversion may take a little while, so it won’t appear immediately.  

Be Amazing

Be Amazing is a motivational and inspiring call to action for people who want more out of life, guiding them and helping them discover how to be amazing in their everyday work and personal lives. 


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