We all need to celebrate our successes – no matter how small – whether it’s taking a small step toward a goal, standing up for ourselves, or saying “Yes” to an opportunity that scares us a bit.

Fireworks-postimgA little celebration sets us up for the next step with enthusiasm. So celebrate as if it’s a big deal – even if you think it’s not – because even if it’s just a tiny step outside of your comfort zone, I know how hard it is and you deserve it!

Share Your Success!

Sometimes we celebrate alone, and that’s ok, as long as we do celebrate. But what many of us don’t realize is that if we confide in someone – which is a big step in and of itself – they’ll celebrate too and we’ll have more people rooting for us than we realize.


Having a circle of supporters is important,  so share your personal fireworks and tell others about your accomplishments – no matter how small.

Watch this, turn up the volume, and CELEBRATE YOU!


P.S. The hearts are amazing… and each one is a hug from me to you!