It Only Takes a Spark…

A hymn that has stuck with me from my childhood includes the phrase, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.” I’ve always believed that one of my purposes in life is to be a spark – to light the fire that inspires others – and that theme runs through all I do… including my books and my posts. And that’s how Begin with Yes came to be.

To have a “Begin with Yes” or “Be Amazing” attitude isn’t always easy, and at times can feel like it isn’t even possible. When we’re facing one of life’s many challenges, it can be difficult to focus on personal growth until we get ourselves to a better place. But I’ve also learned that having a “Begin with Yes” or “Be Amazing” attitude is sometimes exactly what brings us to that better place. 

Here are some things I’ve learned from my own experiences. I’m sure many of you can relate to at least several of these:


  • Life and lives aren’t perfect.
  • Happiness isn’t a constant state of being.
  • Worry can’t be wished away with a positive quote.
  • Falling in love and being in love are quite different.
  • True intimacy can be scary, because being honest with ourselves and others doesn’t always come easily.
  • Feeling scared is as real as feeling powerful.
  • Grief can’t be smiled away.
  • Change, especially big change, can be gut-wrenching and filled with uncertainty.
  • Feeling stuck is a real place.
  • Not knowing what we want or what we should do is part of the ride.

Much of my writing has come from being in these places and working my way out. Many of the inspiring quotes I share on Facebook are words that I’ve needed to provide my own spark, and I can only hope that when you find yourself in challenging times, they provide the spark that ignites your flame too.

I say all this so you’ll know that although I write about hope and optimism and making things happen, I do that with one foot on the ground and first-hand experience with the ups and downs, the good days and bad days, and the realities of life that we all share. Through my personal experiences, I know that even in the dark times, beginning with yes and being amazing are still possible. It’s true that inspiring possibilities are possible even within those challenging realities, if we find our spark. 

With all that said, I’ll come back to the phrase from my childhood hymn, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.” I know that sometimes a positive thought, a smile, a cyber hug, or a well-timed inspirational meme can make a difference.

If my Facebook posts and books provide the spark that helps get a fire going for you, you can be sure I’ll be sitting near the fire with you, feeling the warmth and appreciating the light that we are co-creating!

I’m eternally grateful for the support and inspiration you all provide to me through the Begin with Yes family. I can only hope that I return the love by having my words fall on your ears when you need them most. My energy comes from seeing your reaction to the spark that I humbly provide.

Below are links to previews of a few books that may provide the spark you need. 

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