Children provide a reminder of how to view every-day things with a new perspective. Through their eyes we can learn to regain some of our own sense of wonder. They help us see that it’s important to appreciate the little things and special moments that make life wonderful. 

And the more life throws at us, the more difficult it can be to live with a sense of wonder. It’s easy to lose our appreciation for the little things in our lives. But as we get older we learn to put things in their proper perspective and our sense of wonder and appreciation comes back to us.

In this video Albina teaches us the beauty of wonder. As she and her son, Armand Foisy, were driving in the snow he stopped to turn around and she opened the door and jumped out of the car. He grabbed his wife’s iPhone and took this video. I hope it helps re-ignites your sense of wonder and appreciation for the things we sometimes take for granted. 



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