Life throws us all some annoying curveballs sometimes, and we seem to take them so personally. But… what if we didn’t?

The truth is, a lot of the everyday nuances we deal with are just a part of life. Spilled coffee, a bad hair day, lost keys… when we stop taking these things so personally and just continue on with our day, an amazing thing happens. We become happier and more grateful for the good things that life brings us every single day. Like hitting all the green lights, the feeling of fresh air after being indoors, finding money in your pocket that you forgot about… just to name a few.

Sure, you can be annoyed for a bit when your day isn’t going the way you’d like it to, but don’t let yourself wallow in something that is completely out of your control. Allow yourself to accept what happened, shrug it off, and continue on with your day with a smile.



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