Many of us have big dreams, and then life gets in the way. There are so many talented, ambitious, and passionate people whose dreams get sidelined by the responsibilities of family or work, and it’s hard to find the time or the energy to get started.

This mom, Shannon Abbott, obviously has a beautiful voice and lots of talent. She very cleverly re-wrote the lyrics and gave a knock-out performance of an amazing song. I’m sure that performing is her passion and I truly hope that she can take a small step each day to achieve her dream. This is a good start, and she’s getting some great feedback too!

And then there’s you. What’s your dream? What’s your talent? And what steps are you taking? Don’t just ask yourself these questions… answer them. That’s when the steps that you need to move your dream forward truly begin to unfold, so start today and you too can begin to sing Hallelujah!


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