Tinny Davidson, also known as the “Waving Grandma” by students in Comox, British Columbia, has been waving to students for 12 years. She waves to them in the morning, at lunch, and after school and they all wave back. The students look forward to it and say it’s a bright spot in their day. Unfortunately, that’s coming to an end. 

Tinny is moving to an assisted-living home, and when the students found out they decided to give her a special send-off. She moved to Comox with her husband in 2007, and after her husband died in 2014 she continued the ritual. Some of the students even stopped by to visit her now and then. 

Her simple act created a bonding bridge between generations that this town will remember forever, as demonstrated by the hundreds of students who brought flowers and signs and stood on her lawn as collectively they blew her a goodbye kiss. 


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