Living With a DreamI talk a lot about working toward your dream. I realize that for many the dream is not directed toward a specific accomplishment, but to be the best person you can be – or even to be the one who helps others achieve their dream. These are both honorable goals and deserve to be recognized. Those who are of service to their community or who help someone else achieve their dream are unsung heroes. 

There are lots of every-day, unsung heroes out there. We see them as mothers and fathers, teachers, and lots of people throughout our communities who strive to make the world a better place. This song, A Hero to Me, is a tribute to all of them.


A Hero to Me by Jen Foster was chosen to be on my Living With a Dream inspirational music compilation because it inspires us all to be those every-day heroes. It’s a dream that’s truly within the reach of us all, no matter what our place in life is, and I hope this beautiful song inspires you to be someone’s unsung hero!

Click on the play button to listen to “A Hero to Me”:


You can get the song on the Living With a Dream inspirational music compilation.

Here are the lyrics:

A Hero To Me
By: Jen Foster

You can hear more of Jen’s music at: www.jenfoster.com

Lest we forget that angels walk amongst us
That all of them aren’t graced with feathered wings
You came to show that some still rise above us
On grounded feet, on grounded feet
You might be running into burning buildings
You might be handing food out to the poor
You might be reading stories to the children
All the reward, you claim it’s yours

You say there’s only one good choice in this life
That it all comes down to doing the next right thing
You say you’re only human doing what we’re meant for doing
Well, that’s a hero to me

Lest we forget the flame that burns within us
In a dark world trying hard to blow it out
You came to shed the light on true forgiveness
Your brightest hour is our brightest hour

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I’ve heard you sing the praises of your elders
I’ve watched you spread the message of real love
I’ve seen you weep and wish you had done better
You’ve done enough, more than enough

Lest we forget humility is power
And selflessness the highest form of art
You came to show that some will never cower
The bravest hearts, they do their part


You say you’re only human, it’s what anyone would do
No, you’re a hero, you see
That’s a hero to me