For those who may not know, in addition to being the Author and Chief Optimist at Begin with Yes, I’m also the President and CEO of a nonprofit organization called The Moore Center, which serves people with developmental disabilities as well as the elderly.

feature_member_of_the_familyWe created a compilation of music inspired by the issues around aging to help bring visibility to our effort, and I thought I’d share one of the songs with you here. It’s called “The Same Mary”, written by Kathy Hussey, and it’s a beautiful tribute to her grandmother.

If you enjoy the song you can hear more like it and get free downloads at The Moore Center’s website for it’s elderly programs, Moore Options for Seniors. Just look for the “Life in the Years” compilation.


The Same Mary – by Kathy Hussey:



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The Same Mary
Writer/Performer: Kathy Hussey
©2005 Rakukat Music (BMI)

I’m over here in the corner
At yet another family affair
It’s strange to be the old relic
Propped in this rocking chair
The kids are all frightened of me
They only come with Mom’s hand at their back
It’s okay, There’s no way
They could know that…

I’m the same Mary
Who once was her Daddy’s little girl
I’m the same Mary
The pillow fight champion of the world
Catcher of lightning bugs
Bull frogs and garden slugs
Climber of sky-tall trees
I’m the same Mary

They raise their voices at me
So I’m sure to hear what they say
Usually some pearl of wisdom like
“Are you feeling okay?”
Young men rush to my rescue
When I show signs of wanting to stand
I don’t need it yet, but I accept
Cause they don’t understand

That I’m the same Mary
Who danced ’til they threw us out at dawn
I’m the same Mary
Who played tackle football on the front lawn
Fixer of broken joys
Mother of four strong boys
Coach and referee
I’m the same Mary

But then he comes in the room
Not just a tired old man
But the love of my life
And I’m saved by his wink at my cranky ways
Cause I know that in his eyes
I’m the same
Shy little thing in pearls
Prettiest of all the girls
Just like the day he met me
I’m the same Mary
It’s just me
The same Mary