Evgeny Smirnov is a Russian dancer who even after a terrible accident in which he lost one of his legs, never gave up on his passion. Initially Evgeny thought his dancing career was over, but he decided to keep practicing until he was just as good on one leg as he was on two. 

This video clip of him competing on a Russian dance show is empowering, especially when you see the judges’ looks of disbelief. At first their disbelief is because they have no faith in his ability to dance with one leg. Then their disbelief is because they are amazed at what Evgeny is doing. You don’t have to understand Russian to feel the respect and inspiration at that moment.

It is never easy adjusting to a big life change. You have to work hard and accept that things will be different. Ignore those who tell you that you can’t do it (and that includes the voice in your own head) and keep taking those steps forward to be the best possible version of yourself!



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