As we observe this Memorial Day let’s remember to keep the memories alive by sharing stories. Many of us have had stories passed on to us and it’s up to us to keep the memories alive by passing them on for generations to come.

It’s more than just passing on memories though. I encourage you to share your stories so we may never forget the effects of war and the bravery of those who fight for the many freedoms we enjoy.

Also, not all stories are about great bravery. Stories on the effects of war touch on many facets of life and they’re all important. Here’s one from a good friend of mine. It’s not a story of spectacular bravery; but of one man’s twist of fate that brought him home alive. Here’s his story:


A Cup of Tea Saved a Sailors Life

Battleship-USS-NJHis father served during WW II in the U.S. Navy and manned a gun station on a battleship in the Pacific.

Every morning two of his fellow sailors would bring coffee to each station, but his father only drank tea, so they would cover his station while he went to make himself a cup.

One morning while they were covering his station the ship was attacked by Japanese airplanes and the sailor covering his station was killed. You can only imagine the feelings it left him with.

He never forgot the man who died in his place and honored him with every cup of tea he drank from that day forward. He realized every day that his life was spared for a reason, and he went on to raise a family of six wonderful children, including two sons who also served in the U.S. Navy.

If you have a story, please share it to help us all remember the sacrifices of so many who helped to keep us free.