This Vietnam Veteran and his dogs, Baily and Blaze, were reunited after 3 months.  He had a serious heart attack and his dogs were taken to a shelter. When they were told he may not make it the dogs were put up for adoption and he was about to lose them.

But he got better after several months, and this is the video of him being told his adoption fees have been taken care of and that he received many other donations as well. 

It’s a wonderful story about never losing hope that one that restores our faith in humanity to see all the good people who came together to make this happen!



Here’s the story: 

(summary from YouTube)

On September 25, 2015 animal control took Baily and Blaze for safe-keeping because their owner suffered a major heart attack. Safe keeping holds are normally 5 days. The shelter made the decision to go ahead and sterilize them and place them up for adoption after receiving news that their owner wasn’t well and may not make it.

Their owner called many times asking about them stating he was coming to get them. As soon as he was back on his feet and came to see them and put a deposit down to get them back.

Melissa Eagle, who worked at the kennel, knew the whole story and helped take care of them. She just happened to be at the store to pick up another dog to take back to the shelter. She saw him reunite with his dogs for the first time in months and was very touched after witnessing the reunion. He sat on the floor with them as they licked him and went crazy with joy. Much to the surprise of the staff they were very well trained too. 

Melissa went home and contacted some volunteers to see if any would be willing to pitch in 5 -10 dollars toward his adoption fee. One volunteer stepped up and said they would cover all of it. The rest of the volunteers committed to get other things he would need.

The staff of FSAC PetSmarts called and asked him to come down and get the paperwork started to get his dogs back. He didn’t know what was in store for him!  After doing the paper work he was given his deposit back. Which is where the video starts.

He couldn’t understand why he was getting his money back and thought he wasn’t allowed to have his dogs back.  As Lindsay tried to explain everything to him he was in shock as she told him that Melissa, who was there the day prior and saw him reunite with his dogs, was able to get his adoption fee covered by a volunteer and that other volunteers had donated dog food, toys, gift cards, treats, among lots of other things.

This man is a Veteran from Vietnam, a man who lost everything his health, dogs, and home.  He’s rebuilding his life and was given a Christmas gift from many caring people he had never met.  Now that the story has gone viral the willingness to keep the Christmas gift coming is overwhelming and we are working to make that possible for them to donate to help this Veteran get back up on his feet!