I Don’t Often Ask, But I Need Your Help

My new book, “Be Amazing” will be released on January 7th, 2020. It’s being published by SKYHORSE, and distributed by Simon and Schuster. This is my first book to be published by a major publisher, and my editor, Abigail Gehring, believes this book has the potential to go the distance. In fact, the folks at Skyhorse told me yesterday that: “If we could generate just 2,000 pre-sale orders, that would be remarkable.”

Now, there are over 2 million folks on our “Begin with Yes” Facebook page and I just need 2,000 of my closest Facebook supporters to go to Amazon and order a pre-sale copy of “Be Amazing.

I think you know me well enough to expect that I’m working hard to make this happen, but we also both know that I can’t do this without you!

So my question for you is this: Do you fall into that very small group of top fans, friends and supporters who believe in me and “Begin with Yes” who will stand beside me right now and help me make my dream come true?

If your answer is yes, then just follow this link to Amazon and order a pre-sale copy today. You won’t be charged until it ships

Pre-Order “Be Amazing”

Finally, for those who take this step to help, I simply can’t thank you enough. Together with a small handful of other “Begin with Yes” folks you’re taking a chance on me and for me, and I will always, always be grateful you said yes!

Excited and grateful,