When is the last time you truly remember the excitement of experiencing something new? As adults we have experienced almost all of the ordinary, every day things… like new cars, first smartphones, people liking our first Facebook post 😉 – and a drenching rain. The sad part is, most of us can’t remember back far enough to recall our first experiences with many things and the true level of excitement we felt.

When you watch this video I guarantee you’ll smile at this baby’s first reaction to rain and wish you could experience it for the first time all over again too. She’s in awe and can’t stop smiling and giggling!

I encourage you to try something new today, and embrace every second of it. It doesn’t have to be something huge… maybe try a new beverage, sign up for a new activity, or start to read a new book. Try to commit to memory how you feel, what you see, what you smell, taste and hear… in other words, be present in the moment with the eyes of a child. Remember that you only get first experiences once, so make this one count!


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