Today I’m feeling a lot of gratitude. I love our Facebook family and I appreciate the way you all support each other, and I sincerely appreciate the way you support me too with your heartfelt comments.

I try to show my appreciation with supportive thoughts and an occasional a free download, but today I’d like to share a song that expresses how I feel. It’s “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker.  If I could sing, I’d sing it to you personally, but I know I could never do as good a job as him and some of you would probably ‘unlike’ my page ;-).

I offer this to you as my sincere appreciation for the beautiful hearts and souls that have helped create the Begin with Yes Facebook community.


When we love someone, we can’t tell them often enough, so if there’s someone who’s so beautiful to you, please pass this song along so they know how you feel.

Here’s Joe Cocker putting his heart and soul into a wonderful performance of “You Are So Beautiful”: