How many times would you throw an ice cream cone before giving up? You’ll understand this question in a minute.

No worthy goal is accomplished with a single step. It takes many small steps to get results. And taking small steps requires persistence, patience and practice.

That’s worth repeating because it should be your mantra as you take on any goal, so say it out loud with me now… “any worthy goal takes persistence, patience and practice… persistence, patience and practice… persistence, patience and practice.”


With each small step the next one becomes easier, so celebrate the little step along the way. Take your first step towards a goal and give yourself a break if it’s not perfect. Just remember… persistence, patience and practice, and you will get there!

Here’s a fun example! Some people make it look easy, but believe me – they put the effort in first. If you really think that you can get instant results, just look at this…