PaulBoynton-white-webThere have been so many things going on behind the scenes for Begin with Yes including a beautiful new web site, a redesign for both my Facebook and Twitter pages, the unveiling of my very own “Begin with Yes” YouTube channel and the formal release of my amazing new CD called Living With a Dream. I’ll tell you more about the CD and also provide easy links below so you can check out our brand new look, and get a free download too!

All of these changes were set in motion many months ago and proved to me once again that when you want to make big and exciting things happen, positive thoughts help, but it takes rolling up the sleeves to get things done. And once again I saw for myself that those small steps really do add up, and projects that can seem overwhelming become realities when we just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

And speaking of those powerful steps, I want to thank each one of you for the amazing grassroots sharing of the BWY Facebook page. Because of you, thousands of new people are finding our page, every single day. Over this past year, I’ve realized that my Begin with Yes Facebook page has become much more than a place for positive ideas. It’s actually become a hopeful & loving community where people listen, encourage and motivate each other to Begin with Yes.


I Hear a Symphony

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Speaking of listening, as I write this, I’m listening to the Living With a Dream CD again. And each time I listen, I discover a new favorite song. Today the tune that I can’t get off my mind is called “Last Song” written by Daniel Nahmod. It has a powerful message that speaks beautifully to what’s really important in life. But I should warn you, it starts off on a somewhat serious note. Here are some of the lyrics:

If this is my last song
If this is my final day
If tomorrow I’ll be gone
What do I want to say
If this is my last song
If it’s my time to go
When my body’s moved on
What will I have to show

The beginning of the song reminds each of us that no matter where we are on our journey, there will eventually be a “last song” and “final day”, at least in our current incarnation. For many of us, that realization or thought can be scary or sad, or maybe both, and it’s something we’d probably just as soon not spend much time thinking about. But today, let’s not be so quick to turn away.

Here’s why: knowing that this “last song” is coming gives us an incredible incentive to ask not only “what will I have to show” but I think more importantly, “What have I been called to do?” And that’s where the song gets exciting and the message takes an upward turn toward a Begin with Yes life. Take a look at these lyrics:

Is the world a little more peaceful
Oceans and sky a little more blue
Is humankind a little bit wiser
‘Bout the good that we can do
Does the sun shine a little bit brighter
Where before there was only rain
If so, then I’m glad I came

Have I given hope to the hopeless
Has a hungry soul been fed
Has a child stood a little bit taller
Cause of something that I said
Have I left a little kindness
Have I eased a little pain
If so, then I’m glad I came
For that, I’m so glad I came

If you’ve followed me on Facebook, you know that I believe that each one of us is here not just on purpose, but even more importantly, for a purpose. In other words, we have been blessed with a mission. And the way we discover and uncover our purpose is to pay attention to our passions and then follow our hearts. This can be a bit of a journey, but it’s worth every step.

And let’s also remember that every day we let slip by because we’re lonely, anxious, worried, scared, confused or however you decide to fill in the blank, is a day we’re actually taking a pass on the lives we were meant to live. Each time we say, “I will begin tomorrow,” we lose today.

So right now we get to begin again. Sure we have our individual stories. Our passions may be different, and our life purpose is unique and ours alone. But there’s a bigger picture we don’t often get to see. Despite our many wonderful differences, we all have a shared mission and together we are a symphony. It’s as if a million different instruments all showed up to become one beautiful orchestra whose music makes the world a better place. We are that orchestra, and we have that one beautiful song to play, and guess what? It’s a love song.


1. If you watch the welcome video on the new Begin with Yes home page, you’ll hear the instrument I played in the junior high class band – a trombone!

2. You can get a free download of one of the songs on Living With a Dream. It’s called “This is Just My Day Job” and I’ll be sharing more on that in a later post.