I'mStrongerThanIThink-cropIf you’ve been with Begin with Yes for a while then chances are you’ve already discovered that you’re much stronger than you thought! And if you’re just joining us, you’ll be discovering that sooner than you think. 

It’s funny, isn’t it? We have a tendency to exaggerate our problems, challenges and struggles while often selling ourselves short when it comes to competence, strength and courage. This habit is hard enough to break even when we’re trying to grow, but if we aren’t even aware of what we’re doing, it’s impossible to change what’s really a self-defeating behavior that slows us down!  

Believe me, I know how challenging life can be. Some of you already know parts of my personal story and so you know that I, like most people, have had some difficult stretches in my life. I’ve felt scared and lonely and wondered how dark it might get and how long it might last. But ironically it’s because of those challenging days that I also had a chance to discover that I could dig deeper. I was more capable, and in the end I uncovered the ability to get thru these difficult days with a certain amount of grace. When all was said and done, I was much stronger than I thought!


Once I realized that I was stronger than I thought, I was in a position to talk with myself differently. I knew that I could get through dark days and that my capacity to not only get through, but also to move forward, was an ability I could harness to make some of my big dreams begin to unfold. I could use this strength to not only survive, but now I could channel it in directions where I would have the opportunity to thrive.

I’m reminded of the old Gloria Gaynor song, “I will survive.” For me that amazing song wasn’t just about getting through something; it was a recognition that I was going to be more than just OK. It meant that better days were ahead and I was going to be taking charge to make those days happen!

I wish the same for you too, and I hope this song gives you the hope and inspiration to keep moving forward.