This is a very interesting dialog from an old TV show called Dragnet, which some of you may remember. The fundamental principles and values it expresses remain true today, and I was reminded of how TV shows used to convey such important lessons within the context of the entertainment they provided. 

With today’s reality TV and what seems like a thirst for sensationalism, the messages we’re exposed to have certainly changed. What people watch influences how they think and behave, especially for our youth, and they’re exposed to so much more than we ever could have imagined at their age. 

However, the values and priorities we have in our youth evolve over time. Every generation faces this, so we have to remember to be the guideposts for our children – even as they become adults. Some things about parenting go well beyond the ages of our children, and many still seek the wisdom of their elders. Let’s be there for them! 



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