AdoptedSisters-postIt’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about how large the world seems to be, but there are also times it doesn’t seem very big at all! When you think about all of the social connections you have and the coincidental “you know him, too?” or, “you went there as well?” For Holly and Meagan, their commonalities are almost unbelievable.

Both grew up in different parts of the country but ended up not only in the same town in Florida, not only working in the same hospital, but on the same floor. After working many shifts and enjoying many lunch breaks together, the two realized they were both adopted from South Korea around the same time. As if that weren’t proof enough of how small the world is, they were completely floored when they realized they are biological sisters.

Whether you believe in fate or not, there are so many positive notes to take from this story. Some bonds are stronger than you can ever imagine, and it’s never too late to reconnect with someone you’ve been thinking about for your whole life.


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