There are so many children in orphanages and foster homes throughout the world waiting to be adopted into a loving family, many of them with special needs. It’s a topic not often talked about, but one that needs to be more publicized in order to provide care and families to these children who deserve that and so much more.

Andy and Mercedes Lara, Sunflower Mae’s adoptive parents, decided without hesitation to say YES to adopting a child with Down Syndrome. It’s obvious from this video that as soon as Sunflower came into their lives, they became a true family in every sense of the word. The selfless act of adoption, especially adoption of a child who will need more care in every stage of his or her life, is inspiring and one to be commended.

Enjoy this heartwarming story which captures the adoption journey of Sunflower and her family, and share their joy to help inspire others to consider adopting a child with special needs.


Visit AdoptSpecialNeeds.org to learn more about adopting a child with special needs and how you can help.