WhatIsLove-postimgThis question has been asked thousands of times, yet we all struggle to put the best answers into practice. They say, “practice makes perfect”, so I thought I’d share my thoughts and ask for yours so we can all get better at being more loving. After all, “love makes the world go ‘round!”

I’ll start the conversation…

Love is in the Little Things

* Love isn’t about how big a party you can throw for someone on a special occasion; it’s about the little things you do for them when there’s no special occasion.


* Love isn’t about about how you can show your affection when there are people watching; it’s about the things you say and do when no one is watching.

* Love isn’t about how big a present you can buy someone; it’s about how you can make someone feel big by being truly present.

* Love isn’t about getting someone their favorite kind of ice cream at the grocery store (ok, maybe it is ;-)).

…it’s about finding a way to be patient, with all the little things that try your patience.

…it’s about really listening, even when you think you know what they’re going to say, or you’ve already heard the story.

…it’s about pausing before you speak so the angry words are heard by you only and the words that come out are more thoughtful.

…it’s about offering a sincere apology when those angry words do come out – and they will – and doing so without having to be asked.

…it’s about being there

…it’s about being able to dig deep and do something loving even when your relationship seems like it’s in deep trouble.

…it’s about letting go of the little things that bother you, and bothering to do the little loving things.

I know that there’s much more than I’ve described, so please join the conversation and share your thoughts below! The more ideas we have, the more we’ll all learn.


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