Madeline-Sharafian-omelette-dog-video1Dogs are incredible creatures. They are always so happy and excited about everything, and seem to sincerely believe that even the smallest thing – like a simple walk in the park or a belly rub – is the best thing in the world. They wag their tails and stare at us open-mouthed to show their appreciation. 

Can you imagine the grandiose things dogs would do to show their appreciation if only they were physically capable? This light-hearted cartoon short is an imaginative example of what a dog would do for his exhausted owner to show his unconditional love.

Just because a dog can’t do everything it may want to doesn’t mean their desire to do so is any less. We all know the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” The next time your dog does something for you – like brings you a slobbery toy or snuggles right on top of you while you are trying to work – be sure to let them know how good of a dog, friend and companion they are. They deserve it!



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