Little Girl DancingWhen do we lose the ability to dance like no one is watching? When we’re children we have it, and many re-gain it as they move into their senior years. But what about our prime time???  That’s when we need it most!

As a society we’re so conditioned to care about what others think about us that it prevents us from taking simple risks like dancing. Now doesn’t that sound absurd? What could possibly happen if you just let loose and danced?

To me the phrase “dance like no one is watching” means being our authentic self – and yes… dancing wildly is part of that. We can’t let the prime of our lives go by not dancing like no one is watching – whatever that may mean to you.


So please… promise that you’ll try. It’s really not that big of a risk and it’s too important not to! Let little Audrey (along with Taylor Swift) provide some inspiration. You can even step back from your computer and dance along. Try it… you’ll feel great!

The more we talk about it, the more we can inspire people (including ourselves!) to try it, so help share this conversation and inspire the world to “dance like no one is watching”! Here’s an elderly woman providing some more inspiration if you need it.