I believe that lessons are easier to learn through stories, and parables make it easier to remember them. They also make it easier to pass on those lessons to future generations.

Cultures who teach their children through the stories of their elders have deeper values, and valuing the wisdom of the elders creates more respect. We could use more of that today.

This is a simple yet profound story about handling adversity, and although it’s simple, it’s so hard for many of us to do!


The Parable of the Donkey

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A farmer was returning home from the market with his donkey. He decided to take a detour so his donkey could graze for a while in a green pasture and he could take a nap, but he was unfamiliar with the field and his donkey fell into a deep precipice.

He tried and tried, but he just couldn’t pull it out. He didn’t feel right about just abandoning it, so he decided to put it out of its misery and bury it alive.

He started shoveling dirt onto the donkey from above, and as the donkey felt the load, he would shake it off and step on it. The farmer continued to shovel dirt and soon began to realize what was happening.

Every time the donkey shook it off he stepped up. The more the dirt that was shoveled, the higher it rose, until finally the donkey and the farmer were able to continue on to rest in the green pasture.

The moral of the story: Learn to let things go. When life throws dirt at you, shake it off. Each time you do you’ll step up and eventually you’ll get to rest in greener pastures.