SzzVbySM-720Ernie Andrus is a 92-year-old retired Navy veteran who would love to see the ship he served on back on the shores of Normandy for the D-Day memorial in 2019, but the renovation and transportation costs money. He started the Coast2Coast Runs Project to raise money for the ship’s revival, and the project is exactly what it sounds like.

Ernie is running across The United States, from west coast to east coast, and meeting wonderful supporters and fellow runners along the way. Completing his first half marathon at the age of 87 and starting his run across the country at the age of 90, Ernie is a true inspiration that anything can be possible if you set out to do it. Taking forward steps (or in Ernie’s case, miles) each day to get closer to your goal will set in motion path that will keep unfolding as long as you keep moving forward!

Ernie is a great example that it’s never too late to chase a dream. He’s more than halfway across the country. You can learn more about the project, track his progress, and donate to the cause at Coast2CoastRuns.com. Go, Ernie, Go!



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