Get out the Kleenex – they sponsored this video for a reason! Nurses are very special people who have a unique type of compassion for others. NICU nurses take that compassion to an extra level. Renee, a NICU nurse in Marietta, Georgia treats each and every baby in her care like she would if it were her own child, which truly makes a world of difference to these children and their families.

Those same children and families wanted to do something to thank Renee for the love and care she has provided for so many years. The outpouring of gratitude that she receives from past patients is heartwarming, to say the least!


As I watched this video, I couldn’t help but think of all the people in my own life who have made such an important, positive influence on me. I am so inspired to reach out to others right now and make sure they know how much I appreciate all they’ve done. And guess what? That includes you. Thank YOU all for your contributions to our Begin with Yes community! We wouldn’t be here without you!