Why is it that we can be so quick to give others compliments and support, but just as quick to doubt and demean ourselves? It is a social conundrum that is very difficult to explain and possibly even harder to escape. What if we could see each other the way we truly are, the way others see us?

Just because your life isn’t unfolding the exact way you had imagined or hoped does not mean you are failing. It means you are succeeding in ways that you didn’t even imagine were possible until that very moment. Think about it – there is a reason why things happen the way they do, so instead of trying to fight it and calling yourself a failure when something doesn’t go according to your plan, embrace that you are still here and still succeeding, adjusting your plans but never giving up.

Let’s break the mold of being our own worst critics and start seeing ourselves and our successes as reasons to celebrate! Have you ever asked for an honest opinion? Try it! You’ll be surprised.


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