“When you focus your attention on the power you don’t have, you miss out discovering the power that you do have.”


Waiting For TrainMost of us would like to feel more powerful and have more influence on how our lives unfold. Yet instead of seeking our power, we spend time waiting patiently for circumstances to manifest in ways we want them to.

Sure we want to make good things happen, but we choose to wait until we have more time, money, or clarity. We wait until the person we love loves us back, or we decide we’ll wait until we are older, wiser, thinner, or more confident. Sure we want to get on with our lives, but we play it safe, waiting until our ducks are lined up and we’re certain things will work out just the way that we want them too.


Unfortunately, waiting will never unlock our power or leave us feeling engaged and enthusiastic about our lives. Waiting will never make change happen, never resolve challenges, and will never make our dreams come true.

Here’s why: waiting for the stars to align is frustrating, difficult and painful because we feel stuck and powerless, and also because we are focused on how little control we have over other people or events. And that’s the fundamental problem with waiting, because when we’re focused on what we can’t control we forget about all the things we can control. Perhaps waiting patiently is a virtue, but it’s also one of life’s biggest mistakes because we will never get unstuck or experience our power until we’re willing to stop waiting and start doing.

The only way to get unstuck is to start moving. Of course, moving doesn’t mean we’ll suddenly get what we’ve been waiting for, but it does mean we’ll stop standing still and we’ll begin to make things happen. It’s finally time for us to get off the platform where we’ve been waiting for the train that never comes, and time for us to hop on board the train whose whistle we can hear blowing. When we do, we’ll feel a sense of freedom, hope and confidence, and we’ll begin to tap into our real power as we shift our focus to all the things we can do right now.

Here are four questions that will encourage you to follow that whistle:

1.How long have you been waiting?

2.What or who are you waiting for?

3.And how much longer are you willing to wait?

4.What’s one step you can take now to stop waiting and start doing?

You are – just as you are – at the perfect time and place to begin solving your big life challenges and making your dreams come true. All you need to do is listen for the whistle and take that first small step toward the train you were meant to ride. Once the first step is behind you, take another one, and then another. Just keep moving and have fun. Don’t focus on how big the challenge is or how many steps there are ahead, just put one foot in front of the other and you’ll be on your way!

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