We’re all guilty of bringing work home with us instead of leaving it at the office where it belongs. Life isn’t supposed to revolve around work, yet we seem to fill our days with work obligations, squeezing in personal time where we can. We always make excuses as to why, but they never hold up. Since when did we begin to live to work, and stop working to live?

When I watched this video and learned that 50% of employed people didn’t take their full allowed vacation time last year I was disappointed, but I can’t say I was totally surprised. Our society has become so non-stop, and when we do take a break, we feel guilty. How did this ever happen, and more importantly, how can we change this?

We can start by committing to use at least one day of vacation time very soon. Even if it’s just to stay at home and catch up on some quality “you” time, or to take a day trip to visit a friend, or extend your weekend just a little bit longer. We need to commit to allowing ourselves time off from work, not just because we’ve earned it, but because we deserve it! There’s much more to you and your life than your career, and sometimes we all need a little reminder of that. It’s okay and absolutely essential to give yourself a break!


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