Think about someone you love. Whether you love that person romantically or non-romantically, how easy do you think it would be to describe how you love that person, without using the word “love”?

At first, the task seems difficult, but this couple makes it look so easy. Married for over 56 years, this doting couple clearly cherishes their time spent together. The smiles on their faces are genuine and it is clear that when they made a commitment to each other, they made it for life.


Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious why you love someone, but putting those feelings into words can be more difficult, but it’s also way more powerful. Today, I challenge you to tell someone in your life that you love them, and give them a specific example as to why.

Things like, “I love you because no matter how far away we live, you always make time for my phone calls” or maybe it’s “I love you because you always have dinner waiting for me when I get home” or “I love you because you support me even when my decisions don’t make sense to you.” Ready? Go!