Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease. It’s touched the lives of many families, including those of many of my friends. I have hope and faith that we’ll find a cure one day, but until then I appreciate the work of people who care for those afflicted with it, especially the caregivers.

I also appreciate the work of people like Naomi Feil, who has dedicated her life to helping people learn how to connect with loved ones suffering from dementia. She possesses an abundance of love and compassion for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and their families.

Here’s a video that helps you understand her work. She covers a lot of ground in this short video. I watched it several times and learned something new and important each time, so please, listen to every word and take in all it has to offer. I hope you find it as moving as I did:


You can learn more about Naomi Feil’s work at the Validation Training Institute. If you’re interested in being trained to do this type of work you can learn more at Memory Bridge.