The Up High Movement began at a high school is Ontario, Canada when a young man gave his friend who appeared to be having a bad day, a vibrant high five. He had no idea that one action would have a ripple effect that spilled over into the whole school and beyond!

Jeremy Grace is the young man behind the Up High Movement, and his reasoning for it is to make people happy. Jeremy believes that the action of giving and receiving a high five can cause happiness for even just a second, and that “everyone deserves to be happy for at least one second every day”. Here at Begin with Yes, we couldn’t agree more!

We all know by now that by doing something kind for others, we cause happiness for others but also for ourselves. Begin with Yes always encourages a warm smile to a stranger, but what if you took it even further and gave out some high fives? Sure it can be a little scary, and you may even get rejected, but that connection you’ll make with those willing to participate will make any fear dissipate and spread happiness all around!



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