One way to take your mind off the pain and disappointment of something in your life not working out is by helping others in need. By offering your support to others during a difficult time in your own life, you realize how much you do still have to offer even if you feel empty, and how much of a difference you can make in someone’s life when they really need a helping hand. Oftentimes, you even get something positive out of it!

That is exactly what the Duane family from California learned suddenly and unexpectedly when the beautiful wedding they had planned for their daughter was called off due to the groom-to-be getting cold feet. With non-refundable deposits already paid for and more bills coming, the family decided that instead of wasting all that money, food and flowers, they would put it all to good use. The flowers were donated to a local nursing home, and the food was still served at the booked reception venue. Instead of wedding guests flooding the venue, however, there were homeless members of the community.

This video shows true compassion given by a family during a trying time in their lives. Instead of boxing away their emotions and plans, they opened them up to some strangers who needed it more than ever. How do you think you would have reacted in a situation like this? The grace and humility this family showed is so refreshing!



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