LittleGirlSinging-1Many of us can’t quite remember much about those times, but they existed. Over time there were people in our lives who either encouraged us or made fun of us when we tried to do something new, and eventually the fear started creeping in. 

Even those who are generally very encouraging can say something that lets fear in. And once you let fear in, it’s very hard to get it out. It takes up a permanent residence and refuses to leave until we finally find the strength to evict it. For many of us that comes at a time in our lives when we feel that we’ve passed up so many opportunities and it’s too late. But it really is never too late. Letting go of fear is hard, but when you do you can start taking bigger steps toward your dream. 

Start now. Surround yourself with encouraging people, and if there are some who aren’t, talk to them and tell them what you need. If you’re trying to change something about your life or learn something new, accept that it’ll take time and there will be mistakes. Look at yourself through a child’s eyes and let the fear go for a walk. Then one day while it’s out for a walk you’ll be able to slam the door shut and never let it in again! 

A wonderful bit of Chinese wisdom asks: “When is the best time to plant a tree?” The answer is “20 years ago”, but the next best time is right now. Watch this amazing little girl sing a wonderful rendition of “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid and let it brings you back to that time when you had no fear.