Routine is important – especially in a classroom – and even more so in a classroom full of special needs children. Chris Ulmer, a school teacher in Florida, puts a different spin on the normal routine, and for the first ten minutes of each day, he compliments each of his students individually and gives them high-fives.

Chris says that because of this daily routine, his students’ self esteem, confidence and peer interaction has gotten so much more positive. His students now follow his lead and compliment each other too, creating a wonderful and supportive peer environment. You can see more about his project at: Special Books by Special Kids.

Anyone can talk about how we should all be nice to each other, but putting your thoughts into action is where good things really start to happen. Take a page out of Chris’ book and compliment someone today. You’ll see their spirits lift right before your eyes. And “high-fives” to you from Begin with Yes!



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