At a high school in Chicago, a student conducted a social experiment and recorded the reactions of fellow classmates and teachers as she told them they are beautiful. I apologize for the few instances of inappropriate language, but this video was so beautiful that I had to share.

Look at how the simple phrase, “you’re beautiful” can bring such a smile to someone’s face…. they literally light up! The compliment is so simple yet sincere, and the joy on the faces of the recipients makes them even more beautiful. This simple experiment shows 2 important things: 1. A simple compliment or a kind word can totally change a person’s day. 2. If you want to look more beautiful, smile – your entire face will light up! 

What I also noticed was that almost everyone’s initial expression was doubt. Why are we, as a society, so shocked to hear that we are beautiful? Let’s take some steps to change that! So let’s make a conscious effort every day to gift at least one person with a kind word. It likely will make their day, and yours too! And the ripple effect will go on and on and on and…



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