A seemingly simple gesture made many years ago in a Holocaust concentration camp clearly made a world of difference to the recipient. This story gave me chills; the good kind of chills!

Francine Christophe was a young girl when she and her mother were imprisoned in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany. Her mother was able to bring 2 pieces of chocolate with them into the camp, and she saved them to eat if and when one of them was weak and absolutely needed it. Another woman who was also imprisoned in the camp was pregnant and went into labor. Francine and her mother shared their chocolate with the woman in labor, as she really needed all the help she could get. Years, and I mean years, later, that chocolate still made all the difference.

The next time you think that you can’t possibly make a difference in this world, remember this story. Doing something kind and simple for someone is easy enough to do every day. If we all committed to that, imagine how much better the world would be!


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