Every animal deserves to be loved – regardless of age and ability. Sherry Lynn Polvinale of Gaithersburg, Maryland believes that philosophy wholeheartedly. She founded House with a Heart and has opened her home to serve as a retirement sanctuary for senior dogs and cats to live our their final years being loved and happy.

They all come for different reasons and they all have a story. Some were discarded by their owners who just didn’t want to care for them anymore. The joy is apparent on these pets’ faces, and it is all because Sherry and her 55 volunteers say YES to love and quality of life for these seniors that would otherwise be without a home or stuck in a shelter, not receiving the care they need and deserve.

The next time you see an elderly pet, give them an extra extra long belly rub – chances are they’ve been through a lot in their lifetime and still have a lot of love to offer! To learn more about House with a Heart, check out their Facebook page here and see updates on current residents and ways to donate.


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